Corporate Identity Design, Website Design



The project involved the development of branding and website, as well as the development of a system of icons and infographics to represent the types of detections, platforms and services.
The previous analysis led to the brand concept. We conclude that the idea of ​​nature observation (attention to detail),and science was always present in client’s speech. Therefore, we concluded that a cross between the natural and the technical would be essential to communicate the brand attributes. Eiwa, as a leader in its sector, represents the point of intersection between nature, science and technology.
The search for natural patterns, repetition and symmetry of the elements, led to the mix between an eye and a flower like elements to speak of these two worlds.

Eiwa is a technology leading company that offers innovative solutions for agriculture’s universe from aerial and ground plots monitoring.
From precision data supplied by these platforms, Eiwa provides analysis programs and genetic improvement for the agro.
Its main applications are research and development of genetics and seed multiplication. The first one allows to Obtain objective and reliable data from thousands of trial plots; and the second one provides the ability to ensure levels of purity and quality, estimate yield and control field services.

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