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Greg, Josh and Kevin are three talented, young, Canadian professionals.
They started Ringo in 2013, determined to reinvent the way people accessed their homes and offices, to add a more human element to the entrance of the modern building. When they told people they were starting a business focused on intercoms most thought they were crazy and others pointed out that every previous attempt to do so had ended poorly. That’s not what they thought. They knew that unintuitive and inconvenient technology was restrictive; thus, they knew it could be improved and predicted a better system that people could use every day.

Ringo is focused on giving people the freedom to access the buildings where they live and work in ways they never thought possible. The moment of arrival —anywhere— represents a moment of opportunity and excitement and we wanted to make every arrival a little more welcoming, a little more exciting.

These concepts and attributes should be represented in the brand and the website. So, we focused on a super simple and friendly system of identity. It had to show that idea of making life better and easier.

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