Motion Graphics


PROICSA is a program of the Ministry of Agriculture of Argentina which aims to increase the competitiveness of the sugar guild in the country’s northwest.
One of its components, is aimed at small producers of sugarcane (less than 50 hectares) in the province of Tucumán. In this regard, PROICSA carried out a set of technical assistance and transfer of appropriate measures to improve their management capacity technologies, increase productivity, and achieve greater integration into value chains. This piece of motion graphics, is focused on the dissemination and awareness of technological practices to which many producers have no access: the high-quality seed cane. Through a strategy of large-scale production, PROICSA, allows small producers to obtain high quality seed. They receive for free through their cooperatives and organizations. What is a high quality seed cane? It is a healthy or low incidence of pests and diseases with the same genetic characteristics of the variety that is multiplying and good growth ability and seed sprouting reed. The high quality seed cane is produced in the laboratory using in vitro culture techniques. To solve this piece, we have traveled through the whole process related to this type of work, from the narrative script, the technical script, illustrations, story board, soundtrack, locution and animation. We have been pleased to have a team of excellent professionals with an extraordinary and professional result, from this multidisciplinary process. We are very proud of that, being grateful for the opportunity to work in a support whose power has the ability to move and thrill.  


Direction: Jonathan Diment
Art Direction: Martin Soliani
Screenplay: Rosana Errasti
Technical Screenplay: Jonathan Diment y Martin Soliani
Story Board: Rocio Scetti
Illustrations: Santiago Zárate
Locution: Luis “Tucu” Lopez
Soundtrack: Shura Ruchtein

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