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We worked closely with the “Montoto Content” team to explore new ways to enrich the learning process.
 Montoto was mainly a printing agency and its team found the need to start thinking of a new digital model. They proposed working on the water cycle process using the methodology of storytelling. The key challenge was to improve the way in which traditional educational content could be adapted to new technologies.

We already had a lot of experience developing with Javascript, so we considered that that fed the need of communication perfectly well.
 We started to design an infographic system with a very friendly and upbeat language, in order to orient the visuals to children.

The first result is a parallax infographic page. This tool is interactive and it gives users a high level of autonomy while they navigate through the project page themselves.  As the user scrolls down, the photosynthesis and hydration processes are explained in a very user-friendly way.

The project launch was a great success and received numerous of CSS coding awards. We really enjoyed the creative process, which was a nice example of how technology and design can be joined together to enrich the learning experience.


Launch Project

Parallax Landing Page

Hydration process
Parallax Landing Page

Hydration process
The App

Jogo has been more than a pleasantly surprised. The outcome was impeccable. It exceeded my expectations and more importantly, they became my team confidence. Time commitment and quality of the hand of an accessible budget. The budget is not everything if it is not accompanied by the other two factors. I am delighted to have closed these two initial phases with this balance looking forward to the future.

Fabián Cassan – Montoto Content´s Director

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