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As we have said in other opportunities, we love working for start ups. We feel really identified with them, even more than big brands.
The process results so fluent and enriching, and the reward is always more intense and genuine. We felt some mutual connection with Mick and David from the beginning. We both love sports, specifically Football. Mick had just come back from a trip to Argentina, we had just finished a sports infographic system. It must work for both of us! Then we worked starting from a brief, where they explained how the name had been chosen (a very funny and creative story) and set some guidelines to find a representative element as well. Mick and David never hesitated about that brand has to connote Football+Technology and they really like the pentagon as shape. So, we worked on a shape which contains the name’s initial and put strong focus on a hand-made type design. Color system was also essential to get this subtle and exclusive outcome.

Long live football

Working with Jogo was great. The communication was perfect even though both teams were speaking english as a second language. They had some great ideas, understood and addressed our feedbacks in the most relevant way. We look forward keeping working together in the future and would totally recommend working with them.

Mickaël Floc’hlay – CoFounder

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